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Ok so I have been ridiculously bad at writing blog posts of late so in 2016 I am going to try and improve somewhat! The wintry months have seen us being really busy at Lollipops which is amazing but perhaps my attention to the website has slipped as a result (tut tut)

So what have we been up to lately at lovely Lollipops? Well our new sensory equipment has been really really popular and we have had some great feedback. We love seeing more gorgeous babies coming through the doors (although it does make all the staff broody!)

Our new smoothie menu has gone down a storm too – we now have some amazing new flavours including Ginger Beets and Jungle Juice for you to work through over the next few months. They re so refreshing and good for you too – the perfect way to cool down after chasing the little ones around the play area!

Our party bookings are going crazy at the moment. I know I say it all the time but please do book exclusive parties early to avoid disappointment as we have had to unfortunately turn lots of people down lately:-((

We also have some exciting new classes starting this week too including a Drama class taught by the Helen O’Reilly Drama Academy ad a new cookery class on Friday morning with The Lovely Little Bakery School. Check out our What’s on Page for more information


So the sun is shining now and we have once again opened our secret garden – perfect for the parents to grab a seat in the sun whilst watching the little ones play!

We have also updated our menu and re-introduced the popular Grilled Halloumi  Salad with minted couscous salad. I have just eaten it for my lunch and had forgotten how yummy and summery it is!!

Our selection of smoothies, milkshakes and ice cream are proving even more popular now that its warming up.

All our milkshakes are made with Churchfields ice cream which is made by my sister on my family farm that I grew up on in Worcestershire. I love that we are truly a family business and that I am in turn supporting their business by bringing their delicious product to sunny Bournemouth!

Party bookings have picked up this week following the return of some schools after Easter so please do call to check availability sooner rather than later to avoid any disappointment. We are now booking in for September already!!!!

We hope everyone had an amazing Easter holiday and look forward to seeing you all over the next term.

Also good luck to any nervous parents like me awaiting news on school places tomorrow. Fingers crossed. xxxxx

We were super excited last week when we got our new slide in place. Since we took over the cafe in June my husband and I have been desperate to get a bigger slide in. I met the play frame specialist guys at the cafe at 5pm who had driven all the way from north Wales with the slide on top of their van! At first glace we had a panic wondering if it was going to actually fit but all was good and they worked until 3am to ensure it was all up and running for the next morning. My daughter Rosie was up early to get here to be the first to try it out – she gave it a big thumbs up:-))

We have also extended the ‘free play’ area back at the bottom of the play frame giving the kids more space to run around, play with the freestanding toys and play role play games etc. It always amazes me how versatile this space is and the different games it gets used for. We have also extended our baby area slightly too giving more safe space for our smallest visitors.

We hope you enjoy the changes we have made so far….. we are looking to continuously update and improve over time so do let me know if you have any suggestions.

Happy sliding!unnamed (2)unnamed


We are really excited because at lollipops HQ we have just had confirmation of our play frame changes booked in for just 2 weeks time! We are planning to make the baby/non-walkers are bigger, extend the free play space at the back of the play frame and put in a brand new slide and steps making  it even more fun for your little ones.

We have also ordered some awesome new chairs for the cafe in gorgeous colours. We do apologise for the state of the current chairs, they have had rather a lot of use over the busy winter months but bear with us some new ones are on their way;-) New tables are in the pipeline too to make the cafe an even more appealing place to hang out.

I’m also on a mission to find an amazing artist who can spruce up our party room and tie it in with the rest of our branding and designs so watch this space……


I hope your loving everything I  have done with the cafe over the past 7 months – I would love to hear any more ideas or input.

Erica. xxxx


Lots of customers since I took over have been asking for milkshakes and smoothies so we have listened and we are excited to let you know that Lollipops is now serving both!

Jess, Leila and I have been busy getting the recipes just right… so here is what we currently have on offer;


Exotic Blend – Passion Fruit, Pineapple & Mango

Green Goddess – Broccoli, Spinach, Celery, Mango, Pineapple & Banana (surprisingly delicious!)

These smoothies are healthy and a great way to fend off the colds and bugs!


All our milkshakes are blended with the Churchfields Ice Cream, which is made  by my sister on our family farm in Worcestershire. We have the following flavours available:

Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Mint, Banana, Cherry & Honeycomb

Come in and give them a try :-))


Rain….hooray! For the first time since I took over we have had some (still not lots) of rain. The change in temperature has also meant that we have been busy this week. We have also seen lots of new faces including quite a lot of tourists who are on holiday in Bournemouth who have found us through our new website which is really good news.

Our new wall graphic has gone up inside – thankyou so much for all your lovely comments on facebook. We are really pleased with it and hope you agree it livens up our indoor play area.

We have also had signs of distinction in to put up our outdoor sign. We have had loads of feedback saying that people found it really hard to find us and that people who lived locally never know lollipops was there! This will hopefully make it clear where we are as well as act as advertising to  new customers.


When I took over this business I knew that there was going to be lots of things to do to get it to the business that I wanted it to be but the list just seems to keep on growing. I guess you are never truly happy with a business and nor should you be as I guess that signals you have stopped caring.

There is always improvements, upgrades, investments to be done. Every night I come home and have a long list of products to research, people to contact etc. Its hard to remember everything when I am also dealing with 2 children who are over tired from a day at nursery! I must admit that the occasional glass of white wine whilst getting the jobs done helps;-)

We have introduced our amazing new beach bucket sundaes to our menu this week. I have really tried to make them a size which our target market of under 8s can enjoy and at a price that is affordable. I cannot tell you how many hours of research I put into these buckets! Trying to find a bucket small enough and not too expensive is not easy. I did loads of market research with my friends and they all agreed that they would love it if their children could take them home.



So eventually I sourced the right bucket at the right price and managed to find a supplier of ice cream tub inserts to fit it and hey presto! Putting together the menu was great fun with lots of taste testing off course!

I am lucky enough to have grown up on a dairy farm in Worcestershire who diversified into making ice cream 8 years ago. My sister now runs this part of the business with my father so it gives me the unique opportunity to get our very own bespoke flavour made. We have devised our very own ‘LolliPopper’ ice cream which is a mix of yummy ice cream, chocolate pieces, fudge pieces and popping candy! I am so pleased with it and it tastes delicious.

A huge thank you to my sisters for organising this for us – love you

You can now also add an ice cream factory or endless ice cream option to your party at Lollipops – please ask staff for more details.

Erica. x