Monthly Archives: March 2015

We were super excited last week when we got our new slide in place. Since we took over the cafe in June my husband and I have been desperate to get a bigger slide in. I met the play frame specialist guys at the cafe at 5pm who had driven all the way from north Wales with the slide on top of their van! At first glace we had a panic wondering if it was going to actually fit but all was good and they worked until 3am to ensure it was all up and running for the next morning. My daughter Rosie was up early to get here to be the first to try it out – she gave it a big thumbs up:-))

We have also extended the ‘free play’ area back at the bottom of the play frame giving the kids more space to run around, play with the freestanding toys and play role play games etc. It always amazes me how versatile this space is and the different games it gets used for. We have also extended our baby area slightly too giving more safe space for our smallest visitors.

We hope you enjoy the changes we have made so far….. we are looking to continuously update and improve over time so do let me know if you have any suggestions.

Happy sliding!unnamed (2)unnamed