We are really excited because at lollipops HQ we have just had confirmation of our play frame changes booked in for just 2 weeks time! We are planning to make the baby/non-walkers are bigger, extend the free play space at the back of the play frame and put in a brand new slide and steps making  it even more fun for your little ones.

We have also ordered some awesome new chairs for the cafe in gorgeous colours. We do apologise for the state of the current chairs, they have had rather a lot of use over the busy winter months but bear with us some new ones are on their way;-) New tables are in the pipeline too to make the cafe an even more appealing place to hang out.

I’m also on a mission to find an amazing artist who can spruce up our party room and tie it in with the rest of our branding and designs so watch this space……


I hope your loving everything I  have done with the cafe over the past 7 months – I would love to hear any more ideas or input.

Erica. xxxx


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